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Great Back to School Gifts for Your College Student

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It’s nearly fall which means the school year is approaching quickly. As you start to pack up the summer activities and moving boxes for your recent graduate (or returning college student), you might as well show your motivated young adult some extra love before the start of the school year. Some back to school gifts can and will show your studious student how much you care and support their endeavors.

1. Gas and Fast Food Gift Cards–The life of a college student becomes a fairly resourceful one when your kids move out. It’s the first time they are fending for themselves and budgeting their own money, usually. Snagging them a handful of gift cards to their favorite fast food joints will ensure they have a few indulgent meals while they’re away from home. And don’t forget the gift cards to a gas station near their dorm or apartment. Not only will it help them in a pinch, but it will guarantee they can drive home to visit you for the holidays, which makes these the perfect back to school gifts.

2. Pens!– Everyone tends to buy a massive box of writing utensils at the beginning of the school year and halfway through the quarter or semester, they all seem to have disappeared. Let’s avoid that problem this year. Find your student an awesome engraved pen. As soon as it’s engraved, they’ll take better care of it and no one will swipe it off their unattended table in the library if a name is etched into it. It’s something they can appreciate and take pride in. Not to mention, getting ink refills is simple.

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3. Printer–Have you ever rolled out of bed a bit late then needed to complete a project at the last minute? Well, even though our college kids are smart, sometimes life can get hectic for them. Help out by supplying a new wireless printer for their apartment or dorm. The lines for the printers in the school’s library can get long and stressful. Being able to quickly print without issues will be key to keeping them on track and on time with their assignments.

4. Headphones–Despite libraries on campus being quiet areas, sometimes the quiet is a bit too disconcerting. To help the study process, noise canceling headphones will do wonders for your student’s ability to accomplish their work and get decent sleep even if their fellow classmates are out on a weeknight. Not to mention they can use the headphones at the college’s on-campus gym while they flick through the notecards they wrote out with their new fountain pens. This is the perfect back to school gift to ensure they have everything they could possibly need.

5. Planner–Slip a hefty spiral bound planner into your child’s care package, too. With technology, they probably use a calendar app on their smartphone. But to have a nice, simple planner with space for them to make notes about assignments will be endlessly helpful and many speculate that writing things down physically helps to commit tasks to memory. Before you hand the planner over, write some holidays and family events inside, so they don’t forget important upcoming dates and engagements. They’ll appreciate the effort and extra help in remembering all of the important things in life.

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6. Coffee Maker–The key to being successful in college is unofficially a solid supply of coffee for those late night study sessions. Sometimes pulling all-nighters are necessary. Classes can be demanding, and those stresses often catch up with students by dead and finals week. While coffee is usually accessible all over campus, assist them in saving a few bucks by stocking them up with their favorite coffee maker. Pick up an espresso machine, a cold brew machine or even something for your standard drip coffee. Make sure to load them up with all of the essential fixings to make their drinks tasty and strong. A nice travel mug wouldn’t hurt for those chilly fall and winter treks through campus.

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