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Multitasking? Here’s How to Choose a Stylus or Multi-Function Pen

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Even the most ardent stationery addict must admit that writing and work now alternate between page and screen on an hourly basis. With smartphones, tablets, and laptops continuously at hand, productive professionals need writing instruments that multitask the way that they do.

Don’t get us wrong. We love our fountain pens, rollerballs, and ballpoints. From time to time, though, you need to go digital. And, when you do, you need the right tools. (What can we say? Some things will always stay the same.)

Gather round, fellow papyrophiliacs! Here’s how to choose a stylus or multi-function pen that feels just as good on paper as it does on a touchscreen.

Consider Your Comfort

No one wants to use a pen that doesn’t feel right in one’s hand! The multi-function pen you decide on should offer you the same level of comfort as any other pen you reach for on a regular basis. Consider the weight, dimensions, materials, and shape when you shop.

You’ll also want to think about the way the pen is balanced. Many inexpensive multi-function pens are heavy on the pen side of the tool and light on the stylus end. When you switch between the two, you’ll find that a cheaper tool might slip from your fingers because of the uneven weight distribution.

For daily use (and top-notch productivity), you’ll want to choose a stylus that has the same heft at both ends, letting you flip it about easily as you move between paper and screen.

What’s Your Writing Style?

If you’re a simple sort, a single-color ballpoint on one end of your multi-function pen and a stylus on the other end will suit you just fine. We designed the Tech2 series of tools for just this type of user. It’s streamlined, elegant, and easy to use.

Tech 2 Metallic Red Ballpoint Pen

(Tech 2 Metallic Red Ballpoint Pen)

Let’s say you need more flexibility. Perhaps you prefer to sketch out plans in pencil, make changes in red ink, and sign documents in blue. Even if you want a few different colors or writing instruments in one tool, you aren’t out of luck—and you won’t be relegated to carrying around a handful of pens and pencils, either.

While a single-color ballpoint is standard in most tools, a higher-end instrument will offer two or three colors, like black, blue, and red ink. A more luxurious multi-function will include a few different ballpoint ink colors, as well as a mechanical pencil.

Our Tech3+ Pen Collection falls into the latter category. It even has a pencil eraser stowed beneath the stylus, just in case you need to make a change on the fly.

Cross Gold Plate Multifunction Pen

(Tech3+ 23KT Gold Plate Multifunction Pen)

Get a Handle on Digital Dimensions

Having a stylus on hand keeps your touchscreen devices free from fingerprints and smudges. It also increases the accuracy of gestures, which is important for everything from productivity apps to mobile gaming.

If you’re interested in writing at length on your mobile devices, you’ll likely want a specialized adaptive stylus that offers a finer point that’s compatible for touchscreens. Unfortunately, these types of tools don’t offer multiple functions. If you opt for one of them, you’ll need to carry a second writing instrument with you for your paperwork.

However, if you want a stylus for more general purposes—including signatures, highlighting documents, and answering emails—a broader stylus will work just fine. A.T. Cross offers two different stylus sizes: a finer 6mm and a wider 8mm.

Pick by Personality

Upgrading to digital doesn’t mean sacrificing your personal style. There’s no need for you to choose a tool that looks juvenile, ultra-modern, or completely out of character. The least expensive options you’ll see online and in big box stores might feature cheap-looking plastic casings in eye-popping colors, but middle- and high-end items, like those we make at A.T. Cross, are more varied in materials, colors, and designs.

For a classic look, opt for a black satin finish. For a contemporary feel, go with chrome. And for the ultimate in luxury, why not choose gold plate?

With heritage fine pen manufacturers, like A.T. Cross, you don’t have to make a choice between the pleasure of a beautiful writing instrument and useful digital tool. Our multi-function pens are crafted to be the best of both worlds. Now you can choose a stylus with flowing ink, smooth lead, and touchscreen compatibility. With offerings like these, why should you compromise?

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