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Simple Yet Thoughtful Anniversary Gift Ideas Your Husband Will Love

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Some milestones are harder to buy for than others, and the anniversary just so happens to be one of the toughest. At the same time, surprising your partner to commemorate the day of your wedding anniversary is one of the most romantic gestures you can take, especially if you’ve spent many years together. To help simplify the search, we’ve compiled a list of thoughtful anniversary gifts specifically for husbands.

1. Gifts for the Old-Fashioned Husband

If your husband’s preferred drink is a glass of scotch served neat and if he has more pocket squares than T-shirts, you’re probably married to a classicist. He’ll love any of these ideas.

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  • A Cross Fountain Pen — When gifting a guy with an old soul, any old fountain pen will simply not do. It has to be one that’s handsome and as true to the original as possible. And, dare we say, it has to be presidential. Only one fountain pen brand fits the bill, and that’s A.T. Cross. The Cross Classic Century is the obvious choice. Don’t forget to have it engraved!
  • A Leather-Bound Journal — No old-school gentleman leaves home without someplace to scribble his thoughts, and for guys with an old-fashioned flair, the smartphone just won’t do. A leather-bound journal, preferably in classic cowhide hues like black or camel, is guaranteed to get his wheels spinning. To make it extra-thoughtful, use the first page to write a sweet, personalized note. A notebook is great for a first-year anniversary gift, since that year is symbolized with paper.
  • Something Sophisticated to Drink — Maybe he prefers a Manhattan, a fine Chianti or some Tennessee whiskey — whatever beverage he’s into, you can be sure he’ll smile from ear to ear when you gift him a special vintage. One of our favorite ways to give the gift of drink is to pick a bottle that correlates with the year of your marriage. For example, pick a five-year-old vintage to celebrate your five-year anniversary or opt for a whiskey that’s been barrel-aged for 12 years when celebrating a dozen years together.

2. Gifts for the Franchise-Loving Husband

So you married a super-fan. You’re one of the lucky ones whose husband is probably relatively easy to shop for. Just make sure you opt only for officially licensed ephemera to ensure that it’s authentic.

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  • A Ticket to Comic-Con — If he’s never been to Comic-Con or even if he’s a regular every year, he’ll love this anniversary gift. He doesn’t have to be a huge fan of comic books; Comic-Con has evolved to welcome franchise fans of all genres, including anime, video games, horror, card games and all things pop culture. Most cities have their own versions of Comic-Con, but the official one takes place annually in San Diego.
  • An Official Star Wars PenEveryone loves Star Wars, but mega-fans will go especially crazy for an officially licensed Star Wars pen by Cross. Featuring iconic depictions of the best franchise favorites — including Darth Vader, C-3PO and R2D2 — these collector’s pens are a must for the fanatic. We also have officially licensed, collectible Marvel pens for the superhero-lover.

3. Gifts for the Sports-Loving Husband

If he spends most of his spare time on the green, court or field, then he’ll probably adore anything you give him that has a sporty flair. Here are some great ideas.

  • Front-Row Seats — If you’re lucky enough to have a professional sports team nearby, and if your husband doesn’t get to go to games as often as he’d like, then surprising him with a pair of tickets to a game is never a bad idea. You can turn it into a themed gift with a basket full of team gear alongside the tickets if you’re looking for an extra-special way to tie it all together.
  • An Athletic Outing —One of the sweetest things you can do for your partner, on your anniversary or otherwise, is to show an interest in the things they love the most. You might consider planning an afternoon or day together on the golf course or at the lake fishing to show him that you support his passions. With any luck, he’ll do the same for you!

The Key to Gift-Giving: Make it Personal

The best way to knock it out of the park on your anniversary or any time you have to give a winning gift is to make it personal in some way or another. Whether that means tailoring it to your husband’s personality or surprising him with a special engraved pen, you can be sure he’ll cherish it for a lifetime when you make it personal.

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