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Personalized Gifts for Your Favorite Writer

If you’re looking for a special way to celebrate someone who has dedicated his or her life to the written word, then you’ve got to seek out personalized or engraved gifts that are three things simultaneously: practical, personal and inspiring. Here are some of the best personalized gifts for writers, all of which are perfect for celebrating a book deal, a graduation, a new job or the completion of a significant piece of work.

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  • A Personalized Pen — If there’s one writer’s gift that tops all the rest, it has to be, of course, the pen. Maybe your favorite wordsmith doesn’t always write in longhand, but there’s something very symbolic and romantic about honoring a writer with a luxury pen. Start with your favorite engravable Cross pen — such as the gorgeous Classic Century Ballpoint Pen — and then personalize it with up to two lines of 25 characters each. That’s enough space for a name, an inside joke or even a famous quote about writing. You may also consider giving the gift of a personalized fountain pen if you love the idea of a more classic writing accoutrement.
  • An Embossed Leather Journal — The second-best way to celebrate your favorite wordsmith is with a custom journal designed for jotting down story ideas, recommended books and general musings. We love the idea of coupling an embossed leather journal with a personalized pen for a writer-approved gift set that’ll inspire. We’re happy to customize a notebook for you with his or her initials for a practical yet personal gift that will get plenty of use. Don’t forget to add a handwritten note, either with the included card or on the first page of the journal, for a personal touch.
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  • An ‘Ex Libris’ Stamp — Writers don’t just write, they also read. To help organize his or her extensive library of notable works, give the gift of a personalized library stamp. These stamps are designed to signify that a book belongs in someone’s personal collection and often feature the Latin words ex libris, which means “from the books of.” You can also choose a stamp that reads “From the Library of (Your Recipient)” if you prefer. On Etsy or your favorite crafter’s marketplace, you’ll find book embossers, stamps and stickers that can be personalized for this very purpose.
  • A Magazine Subscription — Though not technically personalized, picking out a magazine subscription for someone in your life is indeed personal. Writers will get some of their best ideas and inspiration from weekly or monthly publications, like The New Yorker, Harper’s Magazine, Poets & Writers or any number of periodic literary magazines or journals that publish the works of aspiring writers. If you’re not sure which publications to choose, check on social media for publications your recipients “like” or are otherwise engaged with.
  • A Custom Leather-Bound Book —Did you know that there are services out there that can actually have any book leather bound and embossed for you? That means that you can effectively turn a writer’s favorite book into a personalized, heirloom-worthy gift that he or she will most definitely cherish for a lifetime. If you’re not sure what book to have bound, pick a classic from the writer’s canon, like “The Elements of Style.” You can also have his or her favorite or most collectible book bound for an extra-special surprise.
  • A Personalized Bookmark — To go with his or her new leather-bound book or magazine, surprise your recipient with a customized bookmark that’s equal parts special and functional. Browse Etsy to find a wide variety of unique custom bookmarks that can be tailored to your recipient. Options range from custom photo bookmarks to engraved styles with inspirational quotes that inspire you to keep reading and keep writing.
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The key to finding the perfect gift for your favorite wordsmith is to focus on mementos that celebrate their dedication and inspire them to keep honing their craft. At Cross, we’re happy to help you find special, engraved gifts that are writer-approved. Be sure to explore our entire gift department or use our gift finder tool for personalized gifts for him and her, including an excellent variety of gifts for writers.

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